We're not convinced...

Patrick Ng, a designer from Singapore, has just posted this 39 inch wheel bike on his Behance profile and it immediately caught our attention for obvious reasons.

It’s not just the wheelsize that’s ridiculous though, he’s also posted some of the geometry too and with a 832mm top tube and the 637mm chainstays  (giving a total wheelbase of 1,487mm), it’s safe to say it’s equally ridiculous.

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However, Patrick believes that the bike will actually handle similarly to a standard modern cross country bike – the top tube length to the bars is only 637mm, the head angle is 68 degrees and the seat tube angle is 72.5 degrees – all of which is pretty comparable to Nino Schurter’s World Champs winning BMC Fourstroke.

Ridiculous bikes 39 inch wheels steerer

The bike uses a pulley steerer system to accommodate the wheels. The sprockets can be changed to adjust its characteristics

So while at first glance it may look like a Tron bike, it sounds like your riding position would actually be pretty similar to modern machines.

The advantages of 39 inch wheels are surely obvious – all the advantages of 29 inch wheels but more so! As for downsides, well we can’t imagine they’d be the strongest wheels and where-on-earth would you buy spare tubes?!

It’s worth noting that this is only a 3-D model and us definitely not going to be produced any time soon, but it does make quite a quite interesting thought experiment – how big could wheels get? There are already 36 inch bikes in production that use unicycle tyres and the way they ride up stairs is definitely impressive.

You may remember Patrick Ng’s name from the Ridiculous Bikes Roost Carbon he designed a few months ago, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for any more of his wacky designs in future.