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If there’s one thing that YT Industries knows how to do, it’s build up anticipation. Earlier this year it was with the announcement of its new downhill team, featuring none other than Aaron Gwin, and now it’s Jeffsy.

Yesterday YT dropped this cryptic marketing video and nobody has a clue what’s going on. It’s been simultaneously hailed as marketing genius and condemned for having a sexist message, but what does the latest stunt from the German direct-sales brand actually mean?

Is it a bike?

We’re pretty sure that Jeffsy is a bike, after all, that’s all YT does (well, apart from t-shirts). There are also clues in the video that would imply this, for example: “we overcome any obstacle, discover rad places”.

If you look at the Instagram accounts of YT’s CEO Markus Flossman, and some of its riders, you’ll see pictures that are hashtagged with #Jeffsy showing them at the start of descents in Madeira, which would also suggest that a new steed is in the making.

But what sort of bike?

Well if you look at YT’s range, what’s missing? It has a dirt jump bike, an enduro bike and a downhill bike. As popular as these bikes are, it has to be said they cater for very specific, niche disciplines. Is it time that YT tried to broach the mainstream with a general trail bike?

Why would we hate it?

Clearly YT is making something that it knows will be controversial. Unfortunately this doesn’t really tell us much as there are loads of new standards and technologies popping up at the moment. Could it be a 29er? an ebike? a plus bike? Heck, we wouldn’t put a road bike past YT at this point!

What can we learn from the video?

The video is purposefully cryptic but here’s a few things we think we can garner from the script:

  • It’s clearly a bike that can munch some miles. The man in the video says a ride with Jeffsy is “far out or nothing” and good for for “discovering rad places and getting lost”.
  • It’s a confidence inspiring descender. We’re told it’s “going downhill” and that it removes doubt, fear and risk awareness.

That’s as much evidence as we can gather right now but we can tell you that another Jeffsy video is on the way soon and that all will be revealed on April 7.

What do you think Jeffsy is? Let us know in the comments below.