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The shiniest goodies showcased for your delectation. Our weekly sneak peak at the exciting new products that have arrived at MBR HQ.

For those of you who can’t wait until the reviews come out in the magazine or go up online, here’s another in our new series of pre-emptive peeks into recent test product arrivals.

Here’s last week’s Arrivals for those who missed it.

We start off with a bumper haul of Ion’s finest wet weather gear, just what was needed to deal with Storm ‘he’s not the messiah’ Brian.

Ion 3 Layer Jacket Shelter

Price: £224.99

From: Ion

This is the daddy of Ion’s outer wear range so it’s natural we should look at it first. As it says on the tin, this is a 3 layer 100% waterproof, bike specific jacket designed at taking the worst of the weather in its stride. It’s cut a little longer in the arms and at the tail for proper protection and features fully taped seams. Breathability is said to be up there with the best of the competition but is you need extra help there are a couple of additional zipped vents. An adjustable hood, two waterproof pockets and a thoughtful eyewear cleaning cloth complete the package. It’s available in this stealthy black version or a blue/burgundy.

ion 3 layer jacket shelter

Black doesn’t show the mud. True story.

Fully taped seams, waterproof zips and adjustable collar/hood.

ion 3 layer jacket shelter

The arms have additional zipped vents to help breathability.

Ion Softshell Jacket Shelter

Price: £119.95

From: Ion

The Softshell is for the days when a bit of protection and warmth are needed; without going full waterproof. This jacket could be your best friend during autumn and spring riding with it’s casual, yet purposeful nature. It’s properly stretchy, light  and doesn’t restrict movement when on the bike, in addition the DWR coating gives it the ability to shrug off light rain like a boss too. It has a nice high collar to keep out the draughts and an adjustable hood big enough to swallow a helmet. Just like the 3 Layer it has zipped waterproof pockets and an eyewear cleaning cloth. We think it looks a little like those cool old-school Nike rain jackets in this bright great and red colour scheme. It’s also available in a women’s version.

ion softshell jacket shelter

Suitable for riding or taking part in your local B Boy comp.

Ion Rain Jacket Shelter

Price: £94.95

From: Ion

Now this is a jacket that should appeal to us Brits as we can never predict what the weather is going to do. It’s Ion’s super light and teeny packable waterproof. Whip it on when it starts raining, whip it off and stuff it in a pocket or in your pack for the rest of the time. It’s made of a semi-transparent, fully waterproof and breathable material so it does remind us a little of our gran’s old rain mac but it should prove to be just the thing for this time of year. To keep weight down it has zero pockets or other features (apart from the hood), but who needs these things when it’s all about keeping you dry? Ion also produce a matching set of waterproof shorts for the full works.

ion rain jacket shelter

In all it’s packable glory.

ion rain jacket shelter

Like the world’s easiest wordsearch. The semi-transparent material has dinky Ion logos all over it.

Ion Base Tank

Price: £19.95

From: Ion

Base layers are handy bits of kit. Y can wear them when it’s a bit cooler for additional warmth but their best job is in transferring sweat from your skin, through to your outer wear. To this end, wearing a base layer under your normal jersey will keep your skin from feeling clammy and damp; especially when wearing a waterproof. Ion’s Base Tank is a sleeveless baselayer, worn snug against the skin. It’s made of soft and stretchy material and has little perforations like a string vest. These are designed to trap air for insulation but also to transfer moisture in super quick time away from your body.

How to keep riding through the winter

ion base tank

Syncros Fork Fender

Price: £14.99

From: Scott

If you have a Fox 34 or 36 then this new Syncros mini guard will bolt simply to your fork brace. Have a look at the rear of your fork brace and you will see two threaded holes, the Fork Fender attaches to these and has a lip at the top to help keep it in place. Whilst it won’t be as protective as a full guard, it’s a simple fit and forget unit. It’s made of impact resistant plastics and weighs less than 30 gram and at less than fifteen quid, won’t break the bank.

The best front mudguards

syncros fork fender

Joe’s No Flats Super Sealant

Price: £6.99 (125ml)

From: Cooke Components

Sealant for your tubeless tyres. Joe’s Super Sealant contains mysterious things called ‘micro-sealing particles’ to prevent flats from ruining your day. The good news for riders in the north is it’s thermally stable down to -20ºC. And for riders in the south it’ll keep working in temperatures up to +70ºC. It’s also compatible with CO2 canisters so won’t instantly solidify if using them to seat your tyres.

So you want to go tubeless?

joe's no flats super sealant

Fabric Stratosphere Sport pump

Price: £31.99

From: Cycling Sports Group

This is Fabric’s ‘budget’ track pump but it looks and feels better than a lot of pumps costing twice as much! It’s only really the nylon base that gives any concession against other pumps. The gauge is huge and super easy to read, plus the head automatically adjusts for different valve types.

Fabric stratosphere sport


Big dial for ailing eyesight.

DMR Vault Midi pedals

Price: £99.99

From: Upgrade

DMR’S Vault pedals need no introduction, they have been pretty much the most popular flat pedals on the market for some time. If you found the original Vault’s a little too big then these new Vault Midi should be right up your street. It’s like looking at a Vault from long distance, in fact the Midi is about ten percent smaller in area but still retains the same pin pattern and profile. Perfect if you have smaller feet or ride in tight ruts all the time.

dmr vault midi


DMR Deathgrip

Price: £16.99 (£19.99 Race Day compound)

From: Upgrade

Another DMR product that seems to have cult following, we loved them when they first came out. Brendan Fairclough’s signature Deathgrip has a great combination of features to keep your hands stuck firmly to the bars. There’s now new colours including these cool camo ones, plus the brand new flangeless version and super soft Race Day compound grip.

dmr deathgrip

DMR T-shirt

Price: £14.99

From: Upgrade

Show your love for DMR products with this technical torso covering device*. 100% cotton, other colours and styles are available.


dmr t-shirt

ODI F-1 series Float and Vapour grips

Price: £17.99

From: Ison Distribution

ODI’s latest grip technology. The F-1 series use an air infused reactive elastomer compound to make a grip with better vibration dampening, better grip and reduced weight. These are aimed at ‘XC Endurance’ or all-day normal riding in plain English. Both the smooth Float and dimpled Vapour are a medium diameter (31.5mm). They are also built around a more durable non-slip core to make them last longer and resist slippage.

odi f-1 series

The Float is on the left and the Vapour is the one with the dimples.

Got to go, it’s almost time to dust off the freeride huck machine and get ready for Rampage this Friday. Enjoy.