New rubber from Vittoria and the brightest grips from the Sunshine State

The shiniest goodies showcased for your delectation. Our weekly sneak peak at the exciting new products that have arrived at MBR HQ.

For those of you who can’t wait until the reviews come out in the magazine or go up online, here’s another in our new series of pre-emptive peeks into recent test product arrivals.

Here’s last week’s Arrivals for those who missed it.

I’m sat here writing this on Monday with the sky looking like it’s the beginning of climate armageddon. Hopefully it’ll all end well and we survive the wrath of Ophelia. So if you are reading this then yay! we can get on with rebuilding and enjoy some shiny new bike bits.

Muc-Off Premium MTB Kit box

Price: £49.00
From: Muc-Off

much off premium mtb kit

What’s in the box?

When a nondescript, huge black box arrives, you know it’s going to be either a very very bad thing or a very very good thing. Fortunately, this huge black box has arrived from our friends at Muc-Off and it’s got a name; the Premium Kit box. Open it up and you have everything one might need to lavish and treat your faithful partner. There’s everything from the staples (Muc-Off Bike Cleaner and Bike Protector) to more luxury items such as C3 Ceramic wet lube and smart Microfibre polishing cloth. The kit also contains brushes and sponges to help with all aspects of cleaning. We daren’t mention the C word, but this could make a brilliant present for cleaning obsessed riders. We worked it out and if you were to buy all the bits separately, it would cost you £76!

much off premium mtb kit

Everything you need to look after your beloved bike.

Muc-Off Mechanics gloves

Price: £6.99
From: Muc-Off

These Mechanics gloves are a brand new item for Muc-Off, unveiled at Eurobike. They are designed to offer a bit more than just the average pair of latex workshop gloves. Made from cut resistant material, they hopefully should help minimise the usual skinned knuckles. Polyurethane is used to coat the palm and fingers to maintain grip while improving dexterity. Available in a range of sizes.

much off mechanics glove

Vel Garmin/GoPro mount

Price: tba
From: Cooke Components

Here we have a couple of products from Vel that are so hot they aren’t even listed yet! This new alloy combined Garmin/GoPro out-front mount may not be to everyone’s cup of tea (it could be a little in the line of fire in case of a crash). It does however do a damn fine job of holding on to your favourite electronic devices.

vel garmin/gopro

The mount is length and angle adjustable.

The length and angle is adjustable so you can bring it in a little closer and in a better position. You could even run it reversed to properly keep it out of the way. It’s only available in black but we’re fine with that.

So much data capture!

Vel Saddle rail GoPro mount

Price: tba
From: Cooke Components

If you want to get all the footage of your mates making faces behind your back, this is the action cam mount to choose. The solid alloy construction clamps solidly to both round and oval saddle rails enabling you to tuck an action cam of your choice neatly out of the way to get some ‘dope’ footage for your next ‘sick’ riding edit.

GoPro saddle mount, only for winners.

Vel Air Flow HV pump

Price: £34.99
From: Cooke Components

The theme with most of Vel’s products is super high quality CNC construction. This even takes in their range of hand pumps. The Air Flow HV is a chunky little pump aimed at getting big puffs of air into MTB tyres. Like many other pumps it features a removable hose to minimise any valve damage that could be caused by over exuberant pumping.

Fixing punctures, what’s best?

Supacaz Grizips

Price: £17.95
From: Cooke Components

So you might not have heard of Supacaz before. But this Californian company has been created by Anthony Sinyard. Now if that name sounds familiar it should, as Anthony is in fact the son of Mike ‘Mr Specialized’ Sinyard. Supacaz make all sorts of fantastically coloured grippy bits for handlebars, and for us mountain bikers they have a few options. The Gripiz are Supacaz’s lock-on grip range. Super sticky and pretty chunky at 32mm diameter, the Gripiz come in ‘plain’ colour options or these Splash versions to mix up the colours a bit.

supacaz grizips

Supacaz Siliconez XL

Price: £19.95
From: Cooke Components

Silicon grips offer decent all-weather grip all wrapped up in a feather weight package. Supacaz’s versions are available in 14 different colours and three different diameters. The XL grips here are the middle diameter at 32mm. These weigh in at just 35 grams on our scales.

supacaz silicon xl

Supacaz Fly carbon cage

Price: £59.95
From: Cooke Components

When you really need to colour coordinate your new bike build, these new Fly carbon cages will add that bit of pop. Just like with their grips, the colours are bright and bold (we do like a bit of bright pink!). Full carbon construction keeps the weight down to around 25 grams and keeps the bling factor high.

supacaz fly

Vittoria Martello G+ Isotech 4C TNT 29×2.35”

Price: £49.99
From: ZyroFisher

Vittoria came to pay us a visit last week and left a couple of new tyres with us to try. The Martello is one of their ‘aggressive’ off-road tread patterns aimed at Enduro and DH use. Taking inspiration from motocross tyres, it uses proper square edges for its knobs for tenacious grip. Vittoria also endow it with a quad compound construction that also uses their fabled graphene technology to improve rolling resistance and wear.

vittoria martello

Vittora Mota G+ Isotech TNT 29×2.35”

Price: £49.99
From: ZyroFisher

The Mota is the aggressive DH tyre designed for mud and properly soft conditions. As you can see it has a motocross inspired siped block pattern for maximum grip in the slop. It shares the same ‘progressive width’ pattern to the blocks (knob sipes vary in width for progressive deformation and more predictable grip) as the Martello. but just with a clearer tread pattern. The Mota G+ also includes graphene in its compound for improved rolling resistance and better wear.

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vittoria mota

Time to find some mud and put all this kit through its paces. See you next week.