Danny Milner


Scott Explorair Light Dryo 2.5

There’s a rubbery feel to the inner lining, which isn’t particularly pleasant, but the Scott Explorair Light Dryo 2.5 is probably the nicest of the bunch.

Madison Roam 2.5

The Madison Roam 2.5 jacket may be a little on the heavier side, but not to the point where it ever feels like a burden to slip it on.

Fox Ranger 2.5L Water

Fox has a number of different jackets in its outerwear line-up, with the cornerstones being the Ranger 3L Water and this, the Fox Ranger 2.5L Water.

Endura Singletrack II jacket

Endura's in-house ExoShell 20 fabric for the Endura Singletrack II jacket. This is rated at 10,000mm for waterproofing and 20,000g for breathability.

Altura Esker

The Altura Esker is a packable jacket that can be stuffed into its own pocket or rolled up and secured with the included elastic loop.

Yeti 160E

Long-awaited Yeti 160E T1 e-bike is built to race with a complex six-bar linkage that claims to bring efficiency and composure on the roughest descents.

best tyre sealant

If you’re looking for the best tubeless tyre sealant, Vittoria offers its Pit Stop TNT product. It is a thin sealant and it retained this viscosity when chilled, however we…

best tyre sealant

Orange Seal claims its Endurance sealant can last up to 120 days before it dries out, which is about four times as long as its regular stuff and you only…

Zefal Deflector FM30 mudguard

If you’re looking for the best mountain bike front mudguard and don’t want to spend over £20, this Zefal Deflector is a great option. We tested the FM20 previously, but…

Mudhugger FRX mudguard

The Mudhugger FRX is a one-piece injection moulded mudguard made in the UK from 100 per cent recycled black polypropylene. Like other best mountain bike mudguards like the Rapid Racer…

RRP ProGuard Bolt On mudguard

Being able to bolt the mudguard directly to the fork brace eliminates the most annoying thing about even the best MTB mudguards – the zip-ties. These rub on the lowers,…

best mountain bike tool kits

With its bright blue briefcase, the Unior Pro Home Set is certainly a distinctive option among the best tool kits on the market. Open up the box and the contents…

best mountain bike tool kits

Inside Topeak’s sturdy briefcase is a well-organised selection of tools held securely by dual-density foam and it’s right up there with the best tool kits on the market. There are…

best mountain bike tool kits

It’s fair to say that Park Tool is the biggest name in bike tools, and its products are ubiquitous in workshops throughout the world – including ours. The brand’s Advanced…

best mountain bike tool kits

With its fold-out soft binder case, the Feedback Sports Team Edition Tool Kit resembles the kind of set-up a pro team mechanic would use at a race. It’s beautifully made…

The Bold Linkin Ultimate 150: Beautiful to look at, inspiring to ride

With a hidden shock, concealed linkage, and internal tool storage, new Bold Linkin 150 Ultimate is one of the most beautiful trail bikes on the market.