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If you’re riding dry and rocky, and want a long-lasting tyre that absolutely rules in these conditions, the Continental Der Kaiser is totally recommended.

Score 9

Designed for maximum grip and stability, and tough enough for enduro racing, without the weight of a dedicated downhill tyre, the TRSr looks perfect for the kind of riding I…

Score 6

Secure cornering hold that comes at an earlier lean angle, which will suit riders looking for consistent grip

Score 8

As a rear tyre the firmer rubber is a good trade off — braking hard doesn’t kill the centre tread too quickly and we’ve yet to puncture the SE5.

Score 8

Really hugs and tracks the terrain, making it confident and locked-on, in both wet and dry conditions.

Score 9

As an all-rounder the Tomahawk falls short, but as a rear-specific dry condition tyre it comes recommended.

Score 8

While it stops short of promising world peace, Schwalbe’s dual-chamber Procore system advertises some lofty claims — increased grip, improved comfort and an end to pinch flats and burped tyres.…

Score 8