The Specialized Command IRCC is good value with multiple positions and twin levers

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Specialized Comman IRCC


Specialized Command IRCC dropper post review


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The Specialized Command IR dropper post combines the versatility of an infinitely adjustable post with the predictability of a pre-set design. It has three main positions — 0mm, 35mm and 125mm — but there are 10 secondary Cruiser Control positions, which feel a little like tiny ratchets.

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Since we tested the Command Post over a year ago, Specialized has made a couple of changes. The bonded micro-adjustable head has layback and a single-bolt fixing, which no longer requires over-tightening like the previous design.

Specialized command remote

It gets a dual-keyway system to reduce play in the shaft and features a new seal system to prevent dirt ingress.

There are also two remote levers included: a regular design, similar to the remote on the Giant post, and a new under-bar option called the SRL. This is MatchMaker- compatible, meaning it only mounts directly to a SRAM brake.

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We’re big fans of infinitely adjustable dropper posts, because you can always get the right saddle height for the situation, but pre-set positions do remove some of the guesswork. So the obvious question is: does the Command IRCC offer the best of both worlds?

Specialized Command connection

It works great when you just want to slam it down but it does requires a bit more rider input when you’re looking for an in-between setting. We often found ourselves bypassing the second position and then having to crouch over the saddle, weighting the post to get it back up into the right stop.

What’s great about the Command IRCC is that it’s the only post on test with a layback head, giving you more options for saddle position. It’s also good value, especially considering the twin remotes.


Weight:636 grams
Drop:100 and 125mm