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Nukeproof Horizon Sam Hill


Nukeproof Horizon Sam Hill pedal review


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Sam Hill is, arguably, the most famous flat pedal rider on the planet, so it makes sense for his sponsor — Nukeproof — to offer a pedal designed with his input.

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But, the Sam Hill pedal is actually the same as the standard Horizon Pro alloy model. There’s also a more expensive version, with a titanium-axle that shaves almost 60g, and a budget, plastic-bodied Comp pedal. This is the lightest and cheapest of the trio, at just over 300g a pair, and looks a bargain at £40.

The platform on the Horizon isn’t super thin, but it’s dished-out enough to keep shoes stable, while not being so concave that it causes any pressure points or tiredness. Grip levels are perfect — locked-down and planted, with just enough ability to shuffle shoe position.

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If you’re after ridiculous levels of bite, the back-loading traction pins have a height-adjust function (using removable washers underneath) to raise grip levels and increase concavity further. These pins are thicker than most, too, which aids durability and prevents snapping — but thankfully they aren’t so wide they’re like studs, which don’t deliver the same bite and leave your shoe floating on top.

The platform width is a tad narrower than the popular DMR Vault, but feels remarkable similar since there is more real estate closer to the crank arm. I had two massive crashes this summer, from clipping my pedals, and the extra edge clearance is welcome, especially since it doesn’t impact on stability and foot engagement.

After hundreds of kilometers, there’s no sign of bearing wear or looseness, so reliability and sealing appears to be sorted. My only gripe is that the heavily-machined platform does attract, and hold onto, a bit of extra mud and crud in bad weather.

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After riding and rating flat pedals for years, I’m confident this Nukeproof Horizon Sam Hill design is right up there with the very best — it’s also a tad cheaper than similar top performers, making it great value.


Weight:430 grams
  • Seamus Fitzpatrick

    Bought these after reading the grouptest. Shocking quality screws. 4 out of 8 were very troublesome. 1 is still stuck 🙁 Tried 3 newish tools aswell. Buy DMR