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HT PA03A flat pedal review


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The simply named HT PA03A flat pedal is made from a nylon reinforced plastic and has a 105 x 107mm platform, with a slight amount of concavity.

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To aid grip there are eight steel pins per side, which are the grub screw type, so really bite into soft-soled shoes. All of these are placed around the perimeter with a couple of moulded plastic studs in the centre, unfortunately these don’t offer much in the way of grip.

The HT PA034 get a steel axle with a 6mm hex fittings but no spanner flats. The left hand axle on our sample was a little rough when threading in the crank but once fitted it hasn’t worked loose. The axle runs on a plain bushing and single cartridge bearing, a rubber lip seal and two dust caps keep out most of the filth. Like the Nukeproof Neutron Evo, the pedal is totally re-buildable; although the build kits are a little bit more at £11.99 each.

I’ve used this pedal in both wet and dry conditions and, with a bit of moisture on the surface, the grip can be inconsistent. The edge studs offer plenty of bite but during high cornering loads the pedal can feel a little slippery. In the dry the grip is as good as most aluminium pedals I’ve tested. With the larger surface area and deeper concavity the HT PA034 is definitely more substantial than the Nukeproof.

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Most cheap plastic pedals normally feel like something you’d just use in an emergency but the HT PA034 is solid, has good support and in dry conditions, all the grip you’ll ever need. It is the best plastic pedal I’ve tried to date and at £35 it’s also a great buy.