Do you have a guilty secret?

With bike prices ever rising and the next must-have-component always on the horizon, it’s no surprise that we find our spending on bikes going through the roof, but do you hide how much your kit really costs from your significant other?

New research by Santander suggests that 1 in 10 cyclists hide how much they spend on their hobby from their partner. The research also suggests that 23 per cent of us have lost track of how much we spend on our pride and joys.

While we all know that the money we spend on bikes could probably be spent better elsewhere, or saved for a rainy day, that’s just not as fun is it?

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The survey also listed cycling as the third most expensive sport to take part in with the average rider shelling out £88 per month. It may not surprise you to know that golf was the most expensive sport at £214 with football in second at £141.

So do you hide your expenditure from your significant other? The advantages are obvious, you get to spend what you like and they’ll never know… will they? Here’s what happened when we tried it:

To have and to hold

Dave secret bike body

Dave (not his real name) is a wife deceiver. After reading reviews in mbr, he bought a top end Orange 5 Pro, which as you can see gets the luminous orange paint job (the bike in Dave’s left hand).

Eighteen months of hard trail riding later this bike was starting to look a little tired so Dave decided to upgrade to the new model with the tapered head tube. You’d think he’d want a different colour but no, the replacement is identical — same ‘Neon Orange’ and an almost duplicate specification.

But there’s a very good reason for that, which I’ll let Dave explain. “It’s garage camouflage. It can fly under the radar and I don’t have to answer any awkward questions.”

Who from?

“Her in doors.”

Dave currently owns three bikes but he didn’t see the point aggravating his wife. “It’s the usual stuff — how many bikes do you need? What’s wrong with your old bike? That sort of thing.”

Dave has had the new bike for four months now so has the ruse worked? “So far she hasn’t noticed and she would say if she had.”

This story probably says more about relationships than it does about bikes but it’s not unusual. Dave says he’s got a friend who lives with his girlfriend and parents and is saving for a new flat but he’s bought an expensive trail bike that he keeps hidden in a mate’s garage.


  • Graham Dunn

    Don’t know how you came to conclusion I’m bitter and narrow minded lol? I do ok thank you. Good for you if you’ve more money than me but I’d be embarrassed for you if I passed you on a trail with all that kit! Anyway you’ve missed the point. It’s about hiding bikes because you can’t afford it and I’m saying get more value for money to openly buy it. I’m also saying work on all the other aspects apart from equipment and you’ll enjoy it a lot more too. Kit really doesn’t change that much year to year!!!!

  • Steve

    “are not a pro racer you need to sort your life out! ” No Graham, just no. don’t put your situation on others…… I earn enough money that i have two small children, all the nice tappings of life at a high level, many saved in the bank….. and can still comfortably afford to get what I WANT and if thats a XX1 drive chain, Guide ultimate brakes or a new carbon frame.. I buy it. Not everyone needs/wants to scrimp and compromise…..I ride 2-3 times per week and get a lot of enjoyment out of having the best kit available. Does it make me faster? maybe not…. Do i enjoy it? Absolutely! If you enjoy the bargain hunt? Good for you! But just don’t be bitter or narrow minded…

  • Graham Dunn

    I get great pleasure getting good value from cycling to please the wife and me. We both love a bargain ! Cyclescheme, second hand, Hong Kong sites and last year’s stuff are all ways of saving. If your spending loads of time and money on the latest gear and are not a pro racer you need to sort your life out! I met one guy in Spain on an mtb trip. He brought all his gear with him… ALL of it. Full DH protection, carbon fs and could talk about gear all day long. I came with my shorts, flat shoes and hired a bike. Had to wait for him every up and down……

  • Marky

    “While we all know that the money we spend on bikes could probably be spent better elsewhere”

    Did I read that right? What kind of idiot writes that in an article that’s for mountain bikers to read?

    I have food and shelter, next things I need are clothes I can ride in and a good mountain bike… What “better” things should we spend money on? …


  • Static

    Dave is obviously pussy whipped if he has to hide a new bike from her indoors!

  • John Ellison

    Absolute tosh. If you have to hide anything from your partner then you’re obvioulsy doing relationships wrong. Both of you.