What's in Aldi's BIg Cycling Event sale for us MTBers?

Every now and then discount supermarket Aldi puts on cycling-specific sale full of their own-brand versions of various cycling staple items and clothing.

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It’s usually heavily geared towards to road cyclists but there are some mountain bike relevant products in there if you’re prepared to delve around.

Except now you don’t have to because we’ve done the delving for you. Here’s our pick of the produce…

Garmin Edge 810 – £179.99


That’s right, £180 quid for a Garmin 810! The Garmin Edge 810 is the one mountain bikers use for offroad because you can follow a decent detailed map in a proper gps stylee. Easy to use, really good touchscreen, the best mount on the market and much, much more accurate than your smartphone’s GPS.

Full details here

Waterproof socks – £12.99


Over-the-ankle length waterproof socks with a Porelle membrane (remember when SealSkinz used to be called Porelle?). Boring black only. Three size ranges: 3-5, 6-8, 9-11. Can be machine washed at 30 degrees.

Full details here

Insulating cycling jacket – £19.99


This is for when it’s proper cold out there. Or for when you’re heading into the high mountains and might need a bit more warmth. It’s also the sort of garment that’s super useful for loads of things like camping, hiking, post-night ride al fresco pubbing. Men’s and ladies’ versions available.

Full details here

Winter cycling gloves – £4.99


A bit like the insulated jacket above, these aren’t going to used mega frequently on the bike – they’ll be too chunky – but they can be a useful addition to your pack for winter adventures. The sort of thing that would be really nice to pull on when you’re nearing the top of Snowdon, for example. Sizes: XS-XL.

Full details here

Thermal neck warmer – £2.99


You can never have too many Buffs. Okay, so these aren’t technically Buffs but that’s what we all know “neck warmers” as isn’t it? The one to get is probably this thermal one as you no doubt already have several regular non-thermal neck warmers lying around the place.

Full details here

Merino base layer – £15.99


This is perhaps the best deal of the whole Cycling Event thang. Merino wool usually comes with a high price tag which can put a lot of riders off trying it out. Wool sounds like a weird thing to be making performance cycling clothing out of but it’s ideal for a base layer. Keeps you warm even when it’s wet and it doesn’t perma-stink of sweat like a lot of manmade base layers end up doing. Men’s and ladies’ versions available.

Full details here

Track pump – £14.99


Fifteen quid for a track pump. It’s almost worth buying even if you have a track pump already. You could bung in the boot of your car and use it when you park up before a ride somewhere. The pressure gauge looks easy to read. And the handle is wood – always nice.

Full details here

Energy gels 4 pack – £3.49


Chugging on energy gels is a bit of roadie/racehead thing but they are a useful thing to have stashed away in your pack for emergencies. You know the sort of occasion, like when you’ve rushed out of the house in a mad panic, late for the pre-arranged ride and you haven’t had a proper breakfast. A gel can keep you going on the ride until you reach the cafe.

Full details here

Muc-Off stuff – £3.99


It’s not just the usual Pink Stuff that’s on offer, there’s also a couple of degreasers, some protect ‘n’ shine stuff and even some proper Muc-Off chain lube.

Full details here

Dual LED lights – £2.99


Tghere’s no full-on night riding lights in Aldi’s Cycling Event sale but they are a few different ‘be seen be safe’ LED lights on offer. Tool-free, quick-on-quick-on attachment design. Very handy to have about your person when riding into dusk or at night.

Full details here

Get there early

A word of advice, get there early! Aldi Cycling Event sales are notorious for being cleared out of the good stuff well before the afternoon. So plan your day carefully and you can make the most of the bargains.