Remy Metailler may be most famous for his exploits in Whistler and the other bike parks of western Canada but he’s actually French born and bred.

In this video he heads back to his hometown of Grasse to enter a local urban downhill race and shows us he has the speed to go with his trademark style.

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Grasse is located on the French Riviera, just north of Cannes, and much like its neighbour it seems to attract the stars, although these aren’t famous actors and actresses but mountain biking clebrities –  last year’s race was won by Yoann Barelli.

Metailler clearly knows Grasse like the back of his hand as he takes a load of cheeky lines and fully commits to the race. The event itself gave each racer three race runs down the course and Metailler won two of the three. He came second in the third one by just 0.14 seconds.

Metailler has raced some World Cups in the past but more recently has focussed on making bike park videos. He is famous for his monster hucks and sneaky lines in the Whistler bike park that he calls his summer home.