They say if you aren’t crashing you aren’t trying hard enough that’s why it really, really sucks when you have a big smash like this on a cruiser run.

Nick van Berkel and his friends were having a lazy warm up ride together on the blue graded Crank it Up trail in the Whistler bike park when an unexpected compression ejected Van Berkel over his handlebars and, unfortunately down a cliff at the side of the trail.

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Thankfully the trail doubles back on itself so he didn’t have too far to fall, if the cliff had continued then Van Berkel could have been far worse for wear.

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Crank it up is considered quite tame but still receives a lot of traffic as it is used as a warm up for Whistler’s bigger trails like A-Line and Dirt Merchant, you can watch out editor Danny follow World Cup racer Danny Hart down those trails here.

Thankfully Van Berkel is totally fine after the fall and saw enough humour in the situation to put the video on his own YouTube account.