New vid shot at this year’s infamous MegAvalanche mass-start madness gravity race that shows how to stay calm when everyone around you appears to be insane.

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You’ll need a bit more time to watch this vid. It’s not exactly an epic but it is nearly nine minutes long. So it’s not one you can get away with sloping off the toilets to watch on your phone but it is something you can watch at lunchtime or in the evening.

And you should watch all nine minutes of it. With the sound up and everything. It’s a film made by Alex Rankin and continues his renaissance as a storytelling filmmaker (unlike his iconic raging ruffcut vids of the 90s).

Ostensibly a promo video for the 2018 Nukeproof Mega 275 Carbon but it doesn’t actually mention the bike once or even contain any lingering shots of the bike. It’s lets Sam – and his riding – do the talking.

Best bits? Visible wheel flex slomo radness… those AVS hand guards that only Sam Hill can really get away with… BBQing Elvis impersonators… Hill’s mechanical in qualifying… it’s quite a sight watching Hill get passed and cut up like a regular mortal.. and what about that guy deliberately blocking Sam from passing for a while(!)… and there’s some creative/profesisonal/borderline ‘French’/ lines in the woods at the end.

Video description

Nukeproof: “Megavalanche – the race where the original Mega was conceived for and a fitting final test for the new Mega prior to going to production. Redefine your limit: Nukeproof Mega 275 C Rs Sam Hill & Alex Rankin film Taking a break from the 2017 EWS season, Sam Hill joined Nukeproof to race and compete at the Megavalanche, a race he has always wanted to do. It was also part of Nukeproof’s final test prior to sign off for the Carbon Mega prior to going to production for our riders and customers. Redefine your limit.”