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Beethoven, Mozart and Bach all conjure up images of a sophisticated audience serenely enjoying an evening of classical music in the Royal Albert Hall. What you wouldn’t ever imagine is the rumble of rubber on dirt or a man in luminous pyjamas flying through the air.

However, this video proves that this actually works surprisingly well. Freeride mountain biking takes on a new elegance when combined with an orchestral score and the Whistler wizard, Remy Métailler, is the perfect rider to showcase it. When set to the music, his elegant whips seem more graceful and his ridiculous speed seems all the more epic.

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The video was shot to promote OneUp’s new DH block. This lets you upgrade your nine, ten or eleven speed cassette to a more downhill-oriented six or seven speed.

The block replaces the largest sprockets and reduces your range to 11T-25T or 11T-21T depending on your cassette. It costs $45.00 (£29.31) and is claimed to give you a weight saving of between 14 and 32 grams.

OneUp makes a range of cassette modifications including cassette range expanders that allow you to put a 42T, 44T or even 45T sprocket on your cassette to help when climbing.

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