Gee Atherton’s been running his Foxhunt over in Ireland for a number of years, but Rachel wasn’t going to let him have all the fun and decided to start her own event in Edinburgh last year.

This weekend saw the second running of her hounds as over 100 competitors turned up to the Pentland Hills to see if they could out-fox the current World Champion.

Rachel managed to overtake 91 riders over the five minutes, pretty impressive considering they also had a 30 second head start. The event was won by Rebecca Barona, with a time of 3:53.4, 13 seconds in front of Cheri Mills who finished second. To beat Rachel you would have had to have posted a time of 5:29.0 or below.

Rachel stalks her prey (Red Bull)

Rachel stalks her prey (Red Bull)

The event has been dubbed as the friendliest event in mountain biking and it certainly seems to live up to its reputation here with Rachel shouting encouragement at many of her fellow riders as she rushes past them.

Rachel said: “It’s pretty challenging trying to pass all those women without knocking any off, there were some pretty hefty crashes.

All eyes will turn to Ireland now as Gee Atherton’s Foxhunt returns to Rostrevor on October 3-4, the event sold out in record time despite a doubling of capacity. Gee will be racing the event on Dan’s GT Sanction.