We thought we’d seen the last of Claudio this year after a season of stellar Wold Cup and World Championships previews but fortunately we were wrong. He’s taken the trip over to Ireland to deliver us his latest head cam from the Red Bull Fox Hunt.

The Red Bull Fox Hunt is a mass-start event that takes place at Rostrevor in which 400 riders will try to out run Gee Atherton from the top of the hill to the bottom. There is also a women’s version near Edinburgh with Rachel Atherton.

The venue looks perfect for this kind of race. It starts on a wide, open moor then descends into a viper’s nest of criss-crossing trails with plenty of opportunities to put in a ninja overtake.

Claudio foxhunt 2015 1

One particular feature is a road gap with trails running underneath. On this feature, Claudio gaps the rider he is supposed to be following! This is impressive enough before you consider he does it on an 80mm 29er cross country bike.

The Foxhunt takes place on October 4 and if you haven’t got a ticket you’ll have to wait till next year, it sold out ages ago.

There’s only one more major event in the mountain biking claendar this year –  the Red Bull Rampage. Do you reckon we’ll see Claudio wheeled out again for that?