Mass start events like Rachel Atherton’s Red Bull Foxhunt are guaranteed to cause chaos – after all, you can’t squeeze 150 eager mountain bikers on to a narrow ribbon of singletrack without a few mishaps.

The problem with traditional helmet cameras is that you only see what’s happening in front of that particular rider. Red Bull has decided to change all that and fitted one rider at the Foxhunt with a 360 degree camera.

This allows you to take control of the perspective and look at whatever you want during the course of the video. Just click and drag with your mouse or use the arrows in the top left to control the perspective. If you are on a mobile device you can move the device around or just tap and drag

However, this currently only works on Firefox and Chrome, so unfortunately if you use Safari or Internet Explorer you’ll have to make do with a stretched rectangle. If you’re watching on a mobile device you need the latest version of the YouTube app.

Our highlight was being able to watch Rachel Atherton‘s overtake at from 1:56 to about 2:10 but we also liked feeling like we were part of the carnage of the start line and the sprint finish.

The Foxhunt was won by Bex Barona with a time of 3:53, Rachel came in 35th with a time of 5:29. What did you think of the 360 experience? Is it the future of mountain biking videos?