The Red Bull Rampage has brought some pretty iconic moments to the sport of mountain biking and most of these have been from death-defying tricks. For just a list of examples think of Kelly McGarry’s Canyon Gap backflip, Cam Zink’s Oakley drop 360 and flip and Kyle Strait’s classic no-handers.

But there are so many other tricks than just these stand-alone senders. In fact, most runs at Rampage now have to feature tricks as they are part of the judging criteria. Even the downhill racers who enter are throwing out nac-nacs and whips to try and wring some extra points form their rides.

So it’s a good job Red Bull has compiled all its favourite tricks from the past 14 years of Rampage in one handy video compilation for you here.

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From the classic runs at the start of the millennium through to last year’s technical new venue, there’s some legendary riders on here – and if nothing else it’s far less wince-inducing than the crash compilation that was released last week.

This year’s Red Bull Rampage will be live on Red Bull TV on October 17. There are three Brits competing –  Brendan Fairclough, Bernard Kerr and Sam Reynolds, but they will have to make it through qualifying if they are to be shown on the live stream.