Today’s gratuitous Christmas video features a fatbike and a ropey Santa outfit – and yet it’s still a good vid.

It also features footage that’s clearly been sped up a bit. But we think it’s meant to be obviously sped up to add to the cartoony vibe.

Best bit? The rider (Manuel Scheidegger) is clearly having a bit of wrestling match whilst trying to do flatland BMX tricks on a fatbike (48 secs).

Watching this video is a fun and festive way to spend two minutes of your time.

Video description

Manuel Scheidegger: “Santa Clause is coming to town. But this year he is coming on a Specialized fatbike. Then Santa Clause is a fatbike-addict. He is freeriding, downhilling and shredding down on his fat tires. He likes to do tricks like wheelie, tailwhip, barspin and nose wheelie. But he also loves to perform some other freestyle or trial stunts by Fat Bike. And in the end, he is trying to do some flatland bmx stunts. Santa is an old man, but when he is riding his mountainbike, he jumps around like a young reindeer.”