It’s fair to say that the mountain biking community hasn’t given the warmest reception to the rise of fat bikes.The usual criticisms levelled at them are either that they look funny or there’s no point in them, this video is hoping to change all that.

This is the trailer for Off the Beaten track, a film by First Track Productions that was made to show how fatter tire bikes are allowing riders to venture to places cyclists have never been able to ride before.

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Some of the locations for this film look absolutely stunning, from frozen lakes, to waterfalls to gigantic sand dunes – if you can stand watching a video that doesn’t feature “gnarly shrapling”then this could be well worth your time (although there is even a bit of that towards the end).

Gary Bell, owner of Sierra Ski and Cycle works says: “I remember seeing some of my first fat tyre bikes and thinking ‘wow, those really are big, I get it and I know what it’s going to do’ but until you ride one, you really don’t get it.

“You have to get on one to understand how well a tyre like that floats, on snow in particular, but also on other types of dirt like sand.”

So, what do you think? Would you like to do an adventurous fat bike ride? Or are skinny tyre alright with you?