Check out this classic retro gaming footage from the No Fear Downhill Mountain Biking game on the Nintendo Gameboy.

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You may have encountered on the Sony Playstation as well. It dates back from 2001 (the Playstation game was released a couple of years earlier in 1999).

Despite how it may appear the game did actually genuinely feature track designs taken from old skool MTB courses like Telegraph Hill in San Franscisco and the Matukituki Rapids in New Zealand.

There were eight riders who you could choose from. In this video above, the person chooses to be ‘Pierre’. They opt to do a ‘single race’ against ‘Henri’ on the ‘Dry River Valley’ course.

What other details are there? Well, the bike ridden has a “gear ratio – low”, “brakes – v brakes”, “f suspension – short”, “r suspension – hard tail”, “frame – steel” and “wheels – steel”. Nice.

Like all mountain biking and cycling computer games, it’s a bit ropey. But it’s charming enough.

The rad racing itself takes the riders down a mixture of Mammoth Mountain style wide dirt tracks combined with a tricky bit of Urban DH.

Whoever made the video clearly has a bit of an issue with Urban DH. It’s a bit of crash-fest. Ey dear. They also attempt a bit of an ‘enduro line’ once back on the dirt tracks but that goes a bit wrong too.

It’s worth watching until the end, if only to hear the amazing crowd noise as the racer crosses the finish line.

But the best bit is probably the bangin’ electro music at the start! CHOON.


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