Short and sick video of French freeride nutter Rémy Métailler attempting ot ride down what appears to be a near-vertical cliff-face chute.

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It’s only sixty three seconds long. It’s only one shot. There’s no music. There’s no voiceover. There’s only one bit of riding. But what a piece of riding it is. Just insane!

For such a short and straightforward video there’s a whole lotta suspense goingon; Rémy’s heavy breathing at the start, the nausea inducing scoping on foot, the fact that he has to clip into his pedals(!) whilst teetering on the brink of the cliff.

Then there’s the handlebar wobbles as he tries not to hurtle too quickly into the first bit.

Chapeau Rémy! You utter headcase.

Video description

JukinVideo: “After this mountain biker, Rémy Métailler makes his way up a rocky mountain, he takes his bike and goes straight down the side of the rocky mountain going extremely fast!”