You won't even notice he's on a fatbike

Another day, another vertigo-inducing ridge riding video lands in our inbox.

Instagram user garrydavo is someone you might like to follow. But only on Instagram. There’s no way you’d want to follow him on one of his rides!

His proper name is Garry Davoren and he’s the manager of MBW Bikes in Galway, Ireland.

Check out this not very risk averse ride along the top of a rugged ridge at Slieve League in County Donegal…

Or how about this teetering bit of insanity…

Oops ,took a wrong turn.nice drop into the Atlantic on the left ?.#wildatlanticway #getoutside #mbwbikeshop #fatbike #pinkbike#cycling #donegal #mtb #imbikemag #konawo#konabikes #ridereynolds #adventure #ireland #factoryjackson

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Garry doesn’t just confine himself to vomit-inducing ridge tops though. Sometimes he likes to relax by riding along stupid narrow ledge trails with a huge drop on the side. Just on the one side though innit? Not half as bad…

Garry has done a longer length version of one of his rides and uploaded it to Vimeo so go and check that out if you’d like to see more of him in action.

The altitude may not as bad as some of the other scary ridge line videos we’ve posted up of late.

But it’s still not something we’d like to try thanks!