Here’s a short clip of rider Andy Holmes and his riding friends teetering along a rather daunting ridgeline at the top of Pila in Italy.

It’s one of the slower speed vids we’ve posted recently but what it lacks in velocity it more than makes up for in sheer vertigo-inducing “what if?” worries.

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Cy Turner, head honcho a Cotic bikes, is in the group of riders featured. Cy says: “It was a 1.5 hour push to get there. Brutal! My vertigo went off big time. Oddly I rode more than I thought I would because I just concentrating on the trail. I was a ‘bit’ relieved to get down off there!”

If you look closely you can see that one of the riders (Cy) is actually riding a prototype Cotic RocketMAX. One of the other guys appear to be riding a standard Rocket.

What’s the most nervy moment? The very start is pretty iffy. And that bit at 15 secs where the helmetcammer looks side-to-side is decidedly queasy.

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Perhaps the worst bit is the end where there’s a slight rising section where the other riders are assembled waiting. You just *know* you’d stall and fall sideways there!

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Be warned: well, it’s just really dodgy and horrible!