Richie is a man of few words, so we’ll let his riding do the talking. Enjoy! Cheers to OneUp for this inspiring edit.

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It reminded us to watch this one again too…

This is a helpful vid if you want to know a bit more about the Yeti guy who you see winning all the Enduro World Series races – and watch footage of him in action.

You don’t get to hear much about Richie Rude. Where he’s from. What’s his riding background. Where he lives. And that sort of stuff.

You actually don’t get to see that much video footage of him generally either do you? It’s usually just glimpses of him whizzing past during an EWS highlights vid.

With this vid from his other sponsor (Shimano) you get a nice bit of both biography background at the start and some really, really cool riding footage.

There is also some riding snippets during the ‘biog’ bit. A bit of (shock! horror!) road riding and a bit of fun pump track playing. Which reminds us, when are Yeti bringing back the Yeti 4X?

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Here’s the PR bumf from Shimano:

“At home in Connecticut you might be surprised what Richie Rude gets up to. Spoiler alert: sometimes it involves lycra and road bikes! When you’re travelling as much as Enduro World Series champion, you really value coming home and riding in familiar places. In some rare down time between international races Richie gets back to what he knows best: “you know all the trails, you know all the roads… you can just go out and do your riding without having to think about it.”

“Still it’s not like the EWS World Champ switches off though. As the voice at the end of the video says: “When Ritchie gets home I hardly ever see him. All he does is go riding… He rides twice a day, that’s what he does. He likes to come home and take a break, but not for too long…”

“Hope you like it!”