If you’ve ever rolled up to the lip of something bigger than you’ve ever done before, you’ll relate to this vid.

Over in that there Whistler there’s more than a few jumps. There’s more than a couple of gap jumps. The gap jump in question here is a gap jump over a train line somewhere between Whistler and Pemberton.

The video names the jump as the Kenny Smith Train Gap. We think the jump is the PG Train Gap as featured in From The Inside Out but don’t take that as gospel.

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Anyhoo, unlike most big gap jump vids this one contains the stuff that makes it feel a lot more human and translatable to the stuff that all mountain bikers experience every now and then. Namely, trying to do something bigger than you’ve attempted before.

We particularly like the time at the beginning of the vid where the have-a-go-hero rider is sizing up the take-off and the landing. Oh lordy, the landing makes it looks LOADS worse doesn’t it? He should never have looked!

Another great aspect is the rider’s resigned exhaling of nervous breaths. You can hear him thinking “why the heck am I even doing this?”

Then there’s the classic false starts or aborted run-ins. We’ve all been there.

But does the rider pull it off? You’ll have to watch the vid.

There is a fair amount of bad language at the end.