A little something to whet your appetite for tonight

Everyone is always talking about how the sport of mountain biking is progressing and what it is currently possible to do on a bike is mind blowing. It was only a couple of years ago that flipping the canyon gap meant an almost instant win at Rampage and now there are riders doing it on the their qualifying runs!

Antoine Bizet’s run has all the ingredients to be a Rampage winner; tight narrow lines, steep gnarly chutes, massive drop offs and of course the canyon gap. He may not have qualified first but flipping this massive feature qualifying sends a statement to the other rides.

The canyon gap has claimed its fair share of victims over the past few years with Kelly McGarry’s crash last year standing out as one of the worst. Somehow he managed to get back up and carry on competing.

If Claudio Caluori’s course preview shows us anything it’s that the desert in Utah isn’t for us mere mortals and it really puts into perspective the insane skills that each riders has.

There are more Brits this year than ever before, with Rampage veteran Brendan Fairclough throwing down as well as Sam Reynolds and Bernard Kerr of Stoppie Saturday fame.

Check out some of Kerr’s signature style here

However, unlike Fairclough both Reynolds and Kerr both had to qualify and whilst Reynolds was successful, Kerr didn’t make the cut.

Make sure to head over to Red Bull from 5.30 to watch the action live as it unfolds.