This is a Fabio Wibmer in the Dolomites video we’re talking about here. There will be jaw-dropping madness at some point.

>>> Richie Schley’s super tech Dolomites descent is really quite something

At first you may watch this and go “meh”. But stick with it.

And that point is at 2min 00secs where Fabio Wibmer slides down a loose as a goose bit of shaley track and into some primo nauseating POV footage.

The trail looks gnarly enough on its own but what’s with all those marble-like pebbles all over the place? We assume this is a trail that is under snow cover during winter or something and the snow deposits shedloads of little rocks all over the trails.

Can somebody with a Geography A-level comment below please. Whatever. It looks sketchy as.

Once into the treeline proper, Fabio then partakes of some super steep and switchbacky pathwork that is the very antithesis of flow and speed – and all the better for it. Rolling endo around corners, stop-start pivoting moves, brake lever grab and go. Excellent stuff. Almost trials but… on trails.

Trail trials anyone?

GOVERNMENT HEALTH WARNING: the music is truly, truly awful. Get that volume down turned down (way down) before clicking play.