Two stunners.

Two fabulous videos featuring some of the most impressive riding we’ve seen this year. Akrigg ragging a gravel bike and Wibmer next level-ing around Vienna.

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Which is your favourite vid? Despite the dropbars, we give the nod to Chris Akrigg‘s edit because it is simply amazingly skilled riding htat still bears some resemblance to the regular mountain biking htat we all do.

Chris Akrigg: The Guide Raw

Video description: “We gave Chris Akrigg our all new adventure bike, the 2018 Guide, to take out for a spin and this is what he said; ‘This is the most fun I’ve had on a bike for ages! It’s super quick on roads and gravel but strong enough to take on some pretty serious lines, plus it has somewhere to put your beers! Cheers.’ Watch this with headphones on!”

Fabio Wibmer: Urban Freeride Lives in Vienna

Video description: “Join me on wild run through Austria’s capital Vienna! Riding and jumping my way to the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships Vienna 2017 presented by A1 was so much fun and I’m lucky that I got there just in time for the first match :P”

Whichever you reckon is the best, there’s no doubting that these two riders are at the very top of their game and everything they feature in is well worth investigating.