Here’s a couple of great vids for all you suspension obsessives out there. The vids are by Canadian bounce tweakers Vosprung Suspension.

The first vid (above) is a slomo-fest that focusses on the suspension setup of a certain Mr Remy Metalier. We can’t be alone in loving video slow motion footage of suspension forks and full suspension swingarms doing their thing.

Suspension porn highlights

  • 0min 08secs – see how the fork doesn’t sink under Remy’s pre-jump setup.
  • 0min 33sec – well controlled big ol’ bottom out.
  • 0min 40secs – oh em gee, that root chatter!
  • 1min 10secs – double bottom out landing.

The goal with Remy’s setup was to achieve “excellent tracking, stability at speed and some good huck testing”. And the video shows in glorious low-rate frames-per-second footage just how the bike behaves post-tune.

More! More ! More!

This next video is bit less ‘rad’ and a lot more ‘nerd’.

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If you want to know more about suspension – a lot more – then find yourself a window of opportunity to watch the above 11 minute video and learn pretty much all you’ll ever need to know about damping.