SRAM have just bought-out ShockWiz suspension tuning app

You may remember ShockWiz from our previous story about them on Kickstarter. SRAM have just bought ShockWiz.

ShockWiz is a bit of kit (and an app) that helps you set up your suspension fork or shock. It “combines hardware, software and finely tuned algorithms to improve suspension set-up for different terrain and riding styles”

Anyways, that Kickstarter project turned into a reality and now has some serious industry backing behind it.

ShowckWiz attracted over 400 backers on Kickstarter. Those backers who ordered a ShockWiz will be receiving their goodies sometime in August.

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Only it won’t just be called a ShockWiz anymore. It will arrive branded-up as a Quarq product.

No not the european dairy product, Quarq is the name of SRAM’s  “data and digital technology” stuff. It’s more of a road cycling brand so this will be Quarq’s main introduction into the MTB world.


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ShockWiz units will be manufactured at SRAM’s factory in Spearfish, USA. It goes without saying that it’s been developed in conjunction with RockShox in their Colorado development centre.

Why have SRAM bought ShockWiz? Well, the official explanation is ““We are looking for creations that take away the thinking and leave the thrill. ShockWiz does that.”

What happens next? “The technology shows great promise and we are excited to explore other applications”, say SRAM. Pretty vague then.

Whatever. Here’s hoping that it helps more people get their bikes set up properly. Watch this space.