The Dudes of Hazzard, a trio of Scoittish mountain bikers headed by Enduro World Series racer Joe Barnes, have been off our radars for nearly a year. However, they have now returned with the Dudeumentary, an epic road trip around Japan to find the best trails the Land of the Rising Sun has to offer.

Japan may not be a nation you associate with mountain biking but it has won a World Championships medal when Mio Suemasa took silver at Les Gets in 2004.

It looks like Japan can offer some pretty varied riding experiences too from shredding a bamboo forest to slithering down the side of an active volcano and racing on a dual slalom track in the middle of nowhere, the boys certainly seem to find enough to keep them entertained.

The Dudes also try and take in as much of the local culture as possible but this mainly seems to boil down to eating a lot of instant noodles and washing half-naked in bodies of water. Each to their own …

All in all though, it looks like an amazing trip and the Dudeumentary has certainly put Japan on our radar as a mountain biking destination. We hope that the Dudes will start putting stuff like this out more regularly as their videos are always well worth a watch.