The Bimp’Air is a tubeless tyre inflator with a difference. It’s portable. And you can charge it up with air as you ride along.

Confused? Well so were we at first. We’ll try to explain it to you as simply as we can!

The Bimp'Air capsule

The Bimp’Air capsule

The basic system comprises two things. A Bimp’Air refillable compressed air capsule and the ENERGY-C energy converter. The ENERGY-C is a device that fits on to your front wheel and converts wheel rotation into air inflation of the Bimp’Air.

The ENERGY-C energy converter

The ENERGY-C energy converter

The makers explain: “The cyclist first fits the energy convertor onto the front wheel. They then put the mini air compressor into place. This starts to work as soon as the bicycle begins to move, filling up the capsule in the process. In the space of 6 minutes, moving at a speed of 15km/h, the cyclist will have 11 litres of compressed air at 50 bars, giving them a hassle-free way to inflate their tyres”.

There is also a separate miniaturised air compressor (see video above) that can be run off the cigar lighter socket in your car.

Which is just as well as it appears as though the ENERGY-C energy converter currently won’t work with bolt-thru forks. Yes, quick release only. Bolt-thru versions are in development apparently.

Despite all the cringeworthy OTT marketing speak of the video and the limitations of the Bimp’Air as it is, there is the germ of a good idea here.

Namely, a portable refillable tubeless tyre inflator.

Okay, so how the capsule gets inflated by the funny front wheel converter inflation thing feels just a bit too Heath Robinson but if someone can work out a way of refilling the capsule by something a bit more like a modified minipump, then who knows?