Jerome Clementz carves his way down a slice of all mountain paradise on Mount Rinjani, the second highest volcano in Indonesia

Winter has well and truly set in and chances are you have just been out on the bike, sliding (or in some cases skiing) your way down the local trails. Soaked clothes, power washed bikes and mud coming out of your ears. The British winter, who’d have it, eh?

Well not Jerome Clementz it would seem. In Escape Mount Rinjani Clementz embarks on quite the dazzling trip away to Indonesia and Mount Rinjani to tackle some truly ‘all mountain’ riding with hike-a-bike galore, a cracking descent and some jaw-dropping views thrown in for good measure.

Winter evenings make a great time to settle down and drool over some good old fashioned escapism so whilst the washing machine finishes off the grubby kit have a seat and watch Jerome Clementz talk about his latest adventure. 

You might not be able to go to Indonesia but you can practice Jerome’s top tips for enduro racing, which are guaranteed to make you ride just like the man himself.