We’ve written “longer and slacker” so many times this summer that the keys on our keyboard are practically falling off. When you throw into the mix 2015’s new axle standards, wheel sizes and cassette configurations, it’s easy to see why some people are starting to feel like trail bike design is leaving them behind.

Patrick Ng decided to poke a little fun at all of this and made this 3-D video of the Ridiculous Bikes Roost Carbon. It boasts a 1500mm wheelbase, 28 inch wheels, a 13 speed 11-53T cassette, 188mm dropout spacing and ‘prone’ geometry.

Although the full geometry specifications were not included, the bike is to scale and has a wheelbase of 1,500mm, this even puts the Forward geometry equipped Mondraker Dune’s 1,240mm wheelbase to shame.

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It’s worth noting this bike hasn’t actually been made, it’s just a (very detailed) computer generated model. Although, having read some of his columns and seen his Nicolai Mojo, we reckon Chris Porter may be hoping it’s put into production as soon as possible.

What do you think? Is trail bike design headed in the right direction? Would you fancy a ride on the Roost Carbon?