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Ducati Powerstage RR

I have an admission to make. I don’t follow motorsports; never have done. But when someone says Ducati, I instantly think ‘red’ or ‘yellow’, quickly followed by ‘916’ or ‘Monster’.…

Privateer E161

This bike is heavy on the scales but rides light on the trails. How often have you heard that said about an e-bike? I’ve certainly written something like that on…

Giant Stance E+ 1

The Stance E+ 1 is a shorter-travel 29er e-bike that strips back some of Giant’s proprietary suspension tech to deliver a ride that is both smooth and affordable. However, with…

Pivot Shuttle LT 29 Team XTR

I find it ironic that my news feed is constantly presenting me with horror-stories about the potential dangers of AI. Yet, the feed itself is driven by AI. Maybe it’s…

Vitus E-Mythique LT VRX

With e-bike prices fast approaching £15k, it really seems like the sky’s the limit in terms of pricing. And while those super-bikes are super-cool, Vitus has taken a very different…

Pivot Shuttle AM Pro

Finale Ligure, Italy, the outdoor region famed for its 1000km trail network all within riding distance of the picturesque coastal town. The ideal place to launch an uplift dodging e-bike?…