A prince among workstands, with a price to match.

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Score 9

Feedback Sports Pro Mechanic HD Workstand


  • • Chunky closures
  • • Secure and stable
  • • Generous max working height
  • • Magnetic tool holder


  • • Expensive
  • • Legs are a bit lazy to unfold
  • • Magnetic strip is too short
  • • Not the lightest or most compact stand if you don’t work on e-bikes


The Feedback Sports Pro Mechanic HD Workstand is sturdy enough for the heaviest e-bike


Price as reviewed:


Built to survive the apocalypse, Feedback’s latest and greatest maintenance workstand is geared towards porky e-bikes, with a focus on stability and durability. Given the price tag, which is more than double the classic Recreational Workstand and nearly twice the price of the highly-rated Ultimate Pro Elite Workstand, it’s very much in the pro-sumer category. But if your shed or garage could be mistaken for a bike shop, then Feedback’s latest stand is a worthy investment.

Design and specifications

Built using oversize aluminium 6061 T6 tubes, the Feedback Sports Pro Mechanic HD has more in common with a high-end mountain bike frame than a typical workstand. By using high-end alloy tubes, Feedback Sports keeps the weight down to a manageable 7.5kg, while also protecting against corrosion. Being oversize means the stand is also impressively stiff, even loaded up with a heavy e-bike. In fact, Feedback Sports claims the HD is 145% stiffer than the Pro Elite model, although it doesn’t say in which plane.

Feedback Sports Pro Mechanic HD Workstand

Stiff, box-section legs and oversize quick-release levers help keep the Feedback Sports Pro Mechanic HD rock-solid.

The tripod base uses rectangular section tubes, while the main telescopic mast is circular, which allows you to change the position of the clamp arm relative to the legs. Huge quick-release levers clamp the folding tripod legs and mast, permitting both height adjustment and folding away for storage. At the end of the three legs are thick rubber end caps, fitted to protect the floor and stop the stand from sliding around.

It’s possible to raise the workstand clamp as high as 170cm, which is much higher than any other home workstand we have tested, making it ideal for taller riders. Yet it measures only 106cm when folded, meaning it can be tucked under furniture or stored on a shelf without taking up loads of room.

Feedback Sports Pro Mechanic HD Workstand

The tri-wing clutch spinner looks like it was stolen from a safe, and is just as secure.

Feedback’s frame clamp is a quick-release affair, which is a godsend when lifting a typical e-bike. Just squeeze the rubber-padded jaws together and they ratchet closed, then you can use the crank handle to apply the right level of compression. All this can be done one-handed while you support the bike with the other hand. Press the big red button and the jaws spring open, making bike removal quick and painless.

A massive tri-knob secures the support arm to the main mast, and gives you control over the angle of the bike. Even with a 25kg e-bike in the stand it’s easy to loosen the big nut and rotate the bike, and the effective clutch mechanism ensures it’s rock-solid, even with the front wheel raised.

On the side of the clamp arm is a magnetic strip, which is useful for holding tools and parts while working on the bike.

Feedback Sports Pro Mechanic HD Workstand

The ratchet jaws, easy-spin crank handle, and smack-to-release button make for a superb clamp system.


Every aspect of the Pro Mechanic HD is built to be chunky and easy to use. The quick-release cams open and close with barely any effort, and have remained smooth from day one. The legs are a bit sticky to unfold, and could do with a kick-plate to help you spread them while holding the top. But once opened the stand is impressively stable, even outdoors  when the ground isn’t level and you’re working on a bulky e-bike.

Getting the bike into and out of the stand takes no time at all, minimising strain on your arms and lower back, and all of the clamps are really easy to operate. Slap the big red button and the bike drops out like a hot potato, but you have to watch your face is not in the firing line, as it springs apart with some speed and force.

Unlike many stands I’ve tried, you can actually rotate the bike so that the front wheel is above the rear wheel, and it stays there. Which is great for bleeding brakes or removing batteries and motors from e-bikes.

I especially loved the magnetic strip on the clamp arm, as it’s perfect for holding hex keys or bolts if you can’t reach your workbench. But, it would be even better if it was longer and there was one on both sides.


You’ve got to be a pretty serious home fettler to stump up for Feedback’s Pro Mechanic HD over the brand’s excellent Pro Elite Workstand. But if you’re working regularly and exclusively with e-bikes or cargo bikes, then you’ll definitely appreciate the extra strength and stability. Everything is well-made and highly functional, and it’s easy to fold away if space is a premium. Taller mechanics will also appreciate the generous working height.


Max bike weight:45.5kg
Max working height:170cm
Folded height:106cm
Clamp offset:
Leg footprint: