A functional and durable workstand for DIY home use

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Score 9

Feedback Sports Recreational Workstand


  • Good value
  • Reliable and durable
  • Holds e-bikes
  • Stable on most surfaces


  • Not that tall, so holds the bike quite low
  • Thru-pin is difficult to align
  • Rotating arm is hard to clamp tightly


Feedback Sports Recreational Workstand review


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The Feedback Sports Recreational workstand is a design that has stood the test of time and is still one of the best home bike workstands on the market.

For the last 15 years I’ve had the forerunner of the Feedback Sports Recreational stand in my shed. When it was new, it was part of the now defunct Wrench Force range, but it’s identical in almost every way to the stand you can buy now. And despite spending all that time in a damp shed, it’s still going strong, which is testament to its simple design and excellent build quality.

Simple, because the tripod base uses the main upright as one of the three legs; the other two swing out and secure with a thru-pin. This can be a bit tricky to align with the rotating slots, but if you’re not folding and unfolding the stand on a regular basis, it’s not a huge issue. Simple, because it’s not height adjustable, and there are no telescoping sections to the upright. Consequently the working height is just about acceptable for me, although you might want something taller if you’re over six foot. Equally, it’s taller when folded than some other stands and takes up a bit more room.

It’s perfectly stable though, even on outdoor surfaces that are not perfectly smooth or level, and the clamp will hold dropper posts solidly without issue. To clamp the post, you have to spin the dial, which is slower than the Park’s quick release unit, but we only think this is an issue when you’re trying to clamp a heavy e-bike. Speaking of which, at 27.2kg, the max load is enough to hold most e-bikes. I regularly use mine with e-bikes between 19kg and 24kg without issue, although the front wheel does want to hang low and can sometimes touch the floor unless you really tighten the 360º clamp.

Rotating the bike is possible, but the large dial at the back of the clamp arm needs to be tightened pretty hard to stop the front end dropping – improving the grip and leverage here would be welcome.


Lighter and cheaper than the Park Tool Deluxe Home Repair stand, the Feedback Sports Recreational Stand doesn't boast as many bells and whistles, but it does a great job of letting you work on your bike in comfort and I can personally vouch for its durability. For an extra £30 there's also the Sport Mechanic Workstand with a telescopic upright that extends up to 1.66m and a more stable tripod base. If you can afford the extra, this would be our top choice, but the Recreational stand still comes recommended.


Working height:131cm
Clamp offset:26cm
Leg footprint:110cm
Max bike weight:27.2kg