The WTB Warden tyre is an unashamed enduro beast with amazing grip

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WTB Warden tyre review


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The WTB Warden is an unashamed enduro beast. Designed for hammering the nastiest Alpine-style tracks with minimal issues and maximum security, the flipside of which is a weight that reflects the toughness of the casing and the height of the fang-like knobs.

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Despite the bulk, it’s on the narrow side for a 2.3in. While this only encourages the Warden to slash through the deepest gunk and mud like a hot knife through butter, it does make the sidewalls bulge a fraction if you’re running ultra-wide rims. The stiff blocks increase stability and slash the ground fiercely, meaning grip levels for cornering and braking are up there with the best on test.

WTB’s thick, tough casing rides comfortably, and deforms nicely, despite the weight. But the spiky
Warden can get a bit bouncy through rock gardens. Although this is the heaviest tyre on test, it’s not
ridiculously slow-rolling on firm ground.

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The Warden is a very specific product, but if your aim is to tackle the sketchiest, slipperiest, steepest terrain at speed, it could prove a useful ally. The thick dual-ply WTB casing has already proven itself to last well in the Alps and the aggro tyre rolls a bit faster than the Michelin Wild Mud too — which is the only other product here with more outright grip.

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Weight:1,160 grams
Size tested:27.5x2.3in