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WTB Vigilante tyre


WTB Vigilante tyre review


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WTB Vigilante is practical versatile tyre that’s become a UK staple. And WTB tyres have earned a good reputation as being tough and durable.

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A plus is that the brand has one of the most logical labelling policies for its different technology. Who can’t understand the differences between a tough or light casing, and a high grip or fast rolling compound? Other tyre firms could do well to take note.

The Vigilante pumps up tall and reasonably narrow, which offers good isolation from bumps that could benefit a hardtail or shorter travel rig. Compared to the more modern Wide Trail style, 2.4 or 2.5in tyres here, it looks a bit skinny and can also get a little stretched on the sides by the latest internally wider rims. We’d ideally love to see a 2.5in or so size Vigilante to match how wheels have grown broader in recent seasons.

It’s only available in 2.3in width, but there’s a wide variety of options to prioritise rolling speed or outright grip, and whether you need a heavy duty puncture proof casing or a lighter, quicker to accelerate and climb one. The Vigilante clears crud well and climbs and brakes with assurance, and the thicker Tough tyres are proven really resilient and cut-proof in areas like the Lakes or Highlands. This extra security adds around 250g over the lightest models.

Damp weather grip is very good under braking, although the leant-right-over cornering traction divided testers, with some really rating the hold, and others reckoning every third edge being block off-set reduces the sense of a continuous grip ‘channel’ and that the shoulders can wander in deep slime and dirt. This lighter Dual DNA compound model rolls really well and offers good cushioning with its thinner sidewall/thicker tread design, but it can squirm, so aggressive riders might need the thicker more stable casing. Vigilantes are good value for the performance and can be found online for even less cash, which puts a huge tick in WTB’s box too.


Size tested:29 x 2.3in TCS Light/Fast Rolling
Sizes:26, 27.5, 29 x 2.3
Actual size:58.1mm (2.29in)