A beefed-up XC tyre but just don’t expect as much grip and control in wet

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WTB Riddler TCS


WTB Riddler TCS tyre review


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The Riddler is one seriously fast tyre. It’s derived from WTB’s BeeLine cross-country tyre, and made for the kind of aggressive trail riding favoured by enduro racer Nathan Riddle, hence the name.

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The angled shoulder blocks are more minimal and low-profile than others on test, and clearly don’t get in the way of pure speed when weaving from side to side down fast and flowy trails.

The rubber compound and tread works very well in dry and hardpack, but a sudden rain storm or sticky, damp trails can leave the Riddler feeling less planted.

WTB’s casing has excellent conformity (which may also help it roll so well), but there’s a point where the carcass can suddenly twist and fold, even at higher pressures. This trait may be a consequence of a thicker crown/thinner sidewall construction on this Light/Fast model.

WTB also offers a double-ply casing version, which is way sturdier, but since the Riddler lacks any real teeth to get stuck into the kind of terrain where you’d want a heavy 1,100g downhill-style tyre, it doesn’t look that convincing for UK riding.

At 780g, the Riddler is a beefed-up XC tyre that’s arguably the quickest rear here, but just don’t expect as much grip and control in wet conditions.


Size tested:27.5x2.4in