Massively improved over the Mk1 version and pairs well with a Schwalbe Magic Mary up front

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Schwalbe Hans Dampf II tyre


Schwalbe Hans Dampf II tyre review


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Schwalbe Hans Dampf II is excellent on the rear now the tread is 50 per cent bigger with more spaced out knobs for faster mud clearing and more bite.

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We might be imagining it, but there seem to be less Schwalbes specced on test bikes than a few years ago, and also less on local trails.

This is a bit of a mystery since the tyres improved massively in a redesign a couple of years back. Our hunch is the public haven’t cottoned on to how the latest, striped, Schwalbe ADDIX versions are a different beast entirely to older Schwalbes. Their number one benefit being random edge knobs no longer rip off, and overall durability and lifespan is hugely improved. In fact, Addix blends now last longer than most other MTB equivalents.

Another major bonus is the new edge blocks are way chunkier and reinforced on the outer edge like the Schwalbe Magic Mary, so much better at resisting squirm and folding compared to the older Hans Dampf, which was prone to sudden grip loss when small edge blocks buckled. With a very rounded profile, it’s still more of ‘constant gripper’ than ‘slip to grip’ really leant over though.

This massively improved Hans Dampf is only available in the softer, grippier ADDIX Soft blend in 2.35in sizes, and this flavour makes a great combo with a Mary up front for tons of angled grip and better climbing and braking traction. Go for the thicker, 250g or so heavier, Super Gravity casing though for riding hard or racing on rocks, as the SnakeSkin casing is pretty lightweight.


Weight:920g (27.5 x 2.6in tested)
Sizes:26, 27.5, 29 x 2.35/2.6/2.8in
Actual size:65.5mm