"Keeps doing the job very well". Reader review by Robin Van den Bergh.

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Maxxis Ikon+ tyre


Maxxis Ikon+ 2.8in tyre review


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The Maxxis Ikon+ has knob sizes and heights optimised for the higher volume and lower pressures of plus bikes, for the fastest trail riding experience.

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Maxxis Ikon+ 2.8in tyre review

Reader review by Robin Van den Bergh | Technical trail rider
Instagram: @owbugger

How long have you had them?

Two years.

Used on front or rear?


Durability. How well have they stood up to use?

Very well; almost no wear.

Performance. Traction, cornering, braking, puncture protection, acceleration, rolling speed etc?

Traction and cornering is flawless, made me a better rider. Had two big punctures and riding tubeless, they sealed very well. I like the wideness, I ride very technical trails so grip is very important, but I can also use the bike for road trips when I pump them really hard.

What sort of conditions does this tyre work best in? Dry, mud, rock, loose, firm etc

Every condition is fine, but dry better then wet. I ride 27.5+ front, 29in minion DHR in the back. I really like the wideness of the tyre and depending on the conditions I play with the pressure, but it keeps doing the job very well.

How is the sizing of the tyre – ie accurate, bit narrow, bit big etc?

Perfect for my wide rim.

Have you run the tyre as tubeless? If so, how was tubeless installation?

Flawless and easy. Not once in two years have I had to change them.

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Verdict: 9/10


Features:Conditions: Loose Over Hard Cornering Control: 1 2 3 4 Rolling Efficiency: 1 2 3 4 TPI: 120 Bead: Foldable Ply Construction: Single Compound: Dual Max PSI: 60 Tech: Tubeless Ready, EXO