Is there a product that's more obsessed over than mountain bike tyres? Tell us what tyres work for you

Chances are your mountain bike has tyres on. It’d be pretty hard work otherwise. What tyres have worked for you and your riding?

We’d love to hear your opinions on the mountain bike tyres you use for riding. Whether it’s a general purpose all-roudner tyre or a condition specific tyre, we want to hear about. And so does every other mountain biker on the planet.

How do they corner? What’s braking like? Is the climbing traction any good? Were they a nightmare to setup tubeless? How have they lasted?

When mbr journos test tyres we can only test them for so long and we can only test them in a limited – although still impressively broad – type of terrain. We can’t say how they’ll hold up to nine months of thrashing them around the Midlands or Moab? The more experiences and opinions we receive, the better for everyone.

So what’s in it for you?

  1. You’re helping the mountain bike community make informed choices
  2. You could win yourself a special mbr T-shirt if your review gets chosen to be Reader Review of the Week
  3. If you want us to include your social media handle, no problem. Insta-famous! (You don’t have to tell us if you’d rather not by the way)

So here’s the form. Remember, the more information you put in, the better and more useful your review will be.


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