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Hutchinson DZO Enduro


Hutchinson DZO Enduro tyre review

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The DZO Enduro is yet another Hutchinson tyre with a great casing. The French brand seems to have a knack for manufacturing supple, comfortable mountain bike tyres and the DZO irons out the creases on the roughest terrain even though it has a reasonably modest air volume.

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The rubber compound — a mix of 50a in the centre and super-soft, sticky 40a shoulder blocks — helps with damping control. Sporting sturdy tread blocks sculpted into a fiercely aggressive fanged pattern, the tyre mirrors the contours of the ground very well as you ride.

Rolling resistance isn’t that bad either, considering the aggression of the spikes jutting out of the dual-ply casing, but these puppies are never going to set mellow singletrack on fire. Lugging such heavy tyres around, on less dangerous terrain, will be overkill for most riders.

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On the plus side, Hutchinson’s heavy-duty construction can take a beating and has excellent wear life if you’re looking for a wet-weather gravity tyre.

In a direct comparison with the other more aggressive tyres here, the DZOs bite fiercely but don’t quite offer the same sensation that you can take liberties when leant over hard whatever the conditions underneath the wheels. However, as a solid, long lasting, pure mud downhill tyre, the Hutchinson DZO Enduro is a good choice.

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Size tested:27.5x2.2