All you need to go tubeless in one hassle-free kit.

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Milkit Tubeless Conversion Kit


  • Valves are excellent.


  • Expensive. There's better rim tape out there.


Milkit Tubeless Conversion Kit review


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Since most modern mountain bike tyres and rims are tubeless ready, converting your bike to tubeless seems like a no brainer. This Conversion Kit from Milkit makes it a simple process because everything you need is included in the box, but at £65 it’s quite a big outlay to replace something (two tubes) that are likely working okay?

Breaking it down – the rim tape in this kit is pretty similar to a lot of generic tape, but it comes in four widths and there’s enough to wrap four rims. It didn’t go on as nicely as Stan’s No Tubes’s version and I had to work it into the rim edge with a tool to get it to stick properly, although I’ve not had any leaks around the poke holes. The two tubeless valves included are a unique design with a seal on the bottom and a sort of thin plastic extension on the valve core to help it pierce the seal. The seal stops air leaking out when you want to top up the sealant, which is where Milkit’s unique syringe comes in. It has a two-part dipstick and regulator that you poke into the valve, allowing you to check on the sealant level and then refill accordingly. It suggests in the manual to suck out what sealant is there and measure it, but in my experience most sealant you’ve had a tyre for longer than a month has either broken down or it’s congealed to such a thick paste that it’s almost impossible to suck up. My advice is to just add some fresh sealant every 4-6 weeks in the summer, because most just don’t last.

A cool feature of the syringe is you can store all the accessories in the handle, even the valves. And talking of which – it’s much easier to clean off any dried-on sealant on this than a regular valve. In fact, the valves are the best thing about this kit, and I’d recommend them as an upgrade, but for some reason Milkit isn’t selling them separately.


The Milkit Tubeless Conversion Kit is expensive, but it eliminates two of the big drawbacks with tubeless – messy set-up and fiddly maintenance. Yes you’ll still need to check the sealant levels on a regular basis, but this kit is easy to use and clean.


Rim width sizes:21, 25, 29, 32mm