Made from heavy duty ripstop material, the Alpinestars Tahoe Pants feel weightier than rival brands' pants, but this is actually a good thing.

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Alpinestars Tahoe Pants


  • Decent waterproofing, great shape even when wet and muddy, and really sturdy construction proven to last.


  • Not great breathability, and the sizing is slightly off – too short in size 32in, too baggy in size 34.


Alpinestars Tahoe Pants review


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I wore these waterproof Alpinestars Tahoe pants most of last winter, leaving them to dry in the shed after a mucky ride before bashing them out for the next outing, and occasionally running them through the machine. They went through the rinser, and emerged the other side looking pretty much the same as they did out of the bag. I am seriously impressed.

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There’s a slight rigidity to the material that means it keeps its shape well on the bike without flapping or sagging under the weight of water or mud, as so many pants do. I also think the stiffer material helps shed water better than its just-adequate 8,000 waterproof rating would imply — it never failed to keep me dry, despite being battered by some epic gales in Wales and Surrey. There’s a seamless crotch too, meaning there’s no weak point for water to seep in at the butt/saddle interface.

Where these pants fall down though is when the mercury rises – on an e-bike they’re good for three seasons, but pedalling a regular bike in them when it’s over 10°C is a steamy affair. With just 3,000 breathability rating and no zippered vents they’re heavy duty, nasty condition wear rather than packable extras. The sizing is also slightly out, I’m 6ft1in and I tried two sizes, the 32in waist is ideal but they’re just fractionally on the short legged side, while the 34in has a longer leg but is too baggy overall. I stuck with the 32in and it wasn’t too big a hardship thanks to a big elasticated cuff that keeps them in place, besides, shorter pants are cool, right?

Despite the shortcomings, the Alpinestars Tahoe pants have a great shape, proved super durable and waterproof, boast waterproof pockets and zips, and work well in winter conditions. Heavy duty waterproof trousers tested in the washing machine of British winter.