Essentially, the Stique ML125 is a set of high-grade tyre levers with 11 other features built in.

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Stique ML125 Tool


Stique ML125 Tool review


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It seems nowadays every nook and cranny on the average mountain bike can house a multi-tool – the handlebar, BB spindle, steerer tube and seatpost; you name it. And the tools themselves are also getting extra features, and that’s where the British-made Stique ML125 comes in.

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There are a couple of features that just make up the numbers, like the slots for pound coins, the dust cap holder and bottle opener, but there is some good stuff too, like the chain tool, separate chain hook, split link holder and interchangeable tool bits.

To stop them rolling around in a pocket, the three levers are held together magnetically. They’re also made from ‘metal-replacement’ plastic, which means they’re super strong and they won’t bend – I tested them on some thicker DH tyres and they didn’t bend and removed the bead easily. In fact, Stique is so confident you’re not going to snap them it’s offering a lifetime guarantee.

There are multi-tools on the market with more bits that can be stashed on your bike, but the Stique ML125 is extremely well made and does its base job really well. In fact you can buy the tyre levers separately, which I’d recommend because two levers with a spoke hook and link stash are £4.99. And that’s a bargain.