Swiss tubeless innovators expands its range with a neat, frame mountable multi-tool.

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Milkit Hassle Off Tool


  • Swiss quality 8-bit multi-tool. Pre-primed tubeless repair kit. Frame tube or bottle cage mounting


  • Chain breaker too small to hold properly. Expensive


Milkit Hassle’Off tool review


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Although a cheesy pun, the Hassel’Off from tubeless firm Milkit is super practical and does take the hassle out of trail-side repairs. It’s a combo tool with an L-shaped stainless steel hex key with interchangeable bits, a chain breaker and a tubeless repair tool, all held in a flat wallet-style case.

This multi-tool can be either attached to the frame via the bottle cage bosses or wrapped to one of the frame tubes using one of the two slide-on straps. It’s also low profile and partially sealed from the elements.

The tubeless tool comes with one of those sticky strings pre-installed, so to plug a hole all you need to do is pull it free and push into the tyre. There’s also a little pair of scissors to snip off the excess and several spares tucked in the handle.

The interchangeable bits on the hex key are magnetised and included as standard are a T25 Torx and hex keys from 8 to 2.5mm. It’s great to see an 8mm, but I found it impossible to loosen a pedal – the typical component that uses this size of fitting. It’s just lacking in leverage.

Like most multi-tools, you also use this L-shaped wrench to activate the mini-chain breaker. This chain tool lacks a gate to hold the chain, or a second position for releasing a stiff link, but you do get split link storage on the tyre lever component.

Note: With no official UK distributor for this brand at the date of review, the Milkit tool is priced at €99.95 in the October 2023 issue of MBR and listed above at £86 at the current exchange rate.


The Hassle’Off feels precise and accurate, but it’s really expensive for what you get. If you shop around, you can actually buy all of the same tools for less than half the cost, including a proper chain tool and bigger tyre lever. None will look as sleek as the Hassle’Off, but in the real world, you could easily ride for a whole year and never need to pull this tool from its holster. 


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